A day in my new life

There are days that completely drain all energy out of me in class. Today was one of them. After the 3 hour session at JSW, took the train to Sion, gulped a vadapav and lassi, grabbed a waterbottle and rushed to school (reached 20 minutes early), completely drenched in sweat (= lost salts). The other teachers were smiling to see me covered in sweat and remarked “Sir, why do you run to school? You can walk aaraam se na?” 🙂  Even without running if I’m sweating so much, what would happen if I ran to school ! Maybe I should keep a spare shirt in school. Not a bad idea.

No need to ask how the next 5 hours in school was … totally exhausting. Yet, it is the small successes and the wonder, happiness, eagerness in the faces of the children that motivates me to keep going despite the dripping sweat, drenched shirt, pouring chalk powder (from ‘Kores dustless chalk’), olive green trousers covered in yellow and white chalk powder, the strong smell of paint from outside the window, the fan that does not work and every other challenge that makes it a tough climb. I’ll face more challenges but it is all worth it to see my children happily climbing to close the achievement gap.

The classroom is the ‘dharma kshetre kurukshetre’ for me and it is here I am learning new levels of the Teach For India core values.  When I am facing the children, totally drained, failing in my every attempt to teach them something, keep them engaged, motivated and happy, I am realizing that I need to have a stronger sense of possibility and humility than ever before.


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