A journey of thousand miles …

Every day @ Teach For India teaches me something. Every day gives me new stories to tell; new experiences to immerse myself in. Just as the training institute experience was wonderful, intense, joyous and tough, every day at my assigned school in Mumbai proves to be an intensely impactful experience.

I take down notes on my book, behind a CVM train coupon, bus ticket, biscuit wrappers, tissue paper or phone to preserve these stories in words so that I can (1) read, reflect and improve myself on this journey to be an excellent teacher (2) share with others

I want to keep the posts short and to-the-point, almost Twitter like. Please feel free to comment !

Srini Swaminathan

Fellow, 2010, Teach For India




  1. Sana

    Srini you still have to write about your first day..
    Keep the posts coming. They are short but inspiring.

  2. Jharna

    I know that feeling of wanting to write down stuff!! esp. in small twitter like posts 🙂 it’s a good feeling!

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