Chewing gum

Today, a child caught my attention by raising his hand. When I asked him what the matter was, he told me to come closer and gave me something that was in his hand. It was chewed, wet bubble gum. Seeing this in my hand, I didn’t react for a minute and then suddenly I started laughing ! Seeing me laugh, all the kids started giggling as well. I asked the child “Why did you give me your chewed gum?” He didn’t know what to say. But, I knew who had chewed it and thrown away on the floor. So, I closed my eyes and said that I ll count 5 and by then, when I open my eyes, the ‘Champion’ who chewed gum and threw it in class must stand up. I kept telling them that Champions always say the truth and they own up when they make a mistake, ‘kyunki woh banna chahte hain SUPERSTAR’ ! When I opened eyes, the boy who was chewing gum stood up and smilingly said that he won’t chew/throw gum in class !



    • srini091

      Srikanth, kids get rewarded for throwing trash in dustbin. So, either that kid picked it up to get a sticker from Bhaiya or he just wanted to get the other kid into trouble 🙂

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