Furniture in class and Champions’ clap

Many of my champions have to sit on the floor due to broken / less furniture. So, after an hour, I ask if someone is willing to give up their seat for someone who has been sitting on the floor. The response is usually overwhelming. Many kids willingly give up their seat and sit on the floor. This usually gets them a shooting star and a champions’ clap !

Though, at first glance, it looks like my classroom furniture is awesome, many of them are broken. Today, I did a quick audit and found that out of the 27 desks and 29 chairs, 15 desks are broken (= unsafe, unstable, very inconvenient for children). 7 chairs are broken. On an average, I have 35+ kids attending class and I have no option but make the 15+ kids on the floor. The only mats I had, were given to classes which didn’t  have any furniture.

So, requirement = fix the existing furniture and buy new mat


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