Morning Sleep

After a few days in School, another Teacher told me that Rahul is supposed to go to another division (2-B to 2-H) and I have been telling him for 4 days that he must go to the morning division. But, everyday, he comes back to my class in the afternoon. Today, I took him aside and asked him, “Rahul, your class is in the morning, 2-H. So, from tomorrow you will go to the morning class. OK?”. “No”, replied Rahul. I asked, “Why?”.

“Kyunki main subah ut nahin paoonga  (“Because, I can’t get up so early in the morning !”)



  1. Sonal

    Cute 🙂 Well teaching these little Angels must be a delight in itself…Great Effort..And very sweet descriptions 🙂

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