Thank You bolo

There is a lot of renovation and painting going on in my school and hence there is scaffolding all over. The other day, while we were in the class, a painter Bhaiya climbed up the scaffold outside our windows and started painting. Occasionally, he peeped into the class and it attracted the attention of some kids. I stopped the class and asked all kids to look at Painter Bhaiya. I want them to learn to thank the everyday people in our life who are important. I explained to the kids how a painter beautifies our buildings and “So, what do champions do to people who help make things beautiful?” Kids replied “Champions say thank you !” and they said in unison “Thank you Bhaiya” to the Painter bhaiya, who, by now had a big smile. They also gave him a Champion’s clap !

Two more Didis in the school got a similar “Thank Yous” from the Champions – Marne Didi who makes Kichdi for the kids and Anitha Didi who cleans the class. They both were thrilled to see the Champions’ welcome song and Thank Yous !



  1. Sonal

    U guys are doing great job!!! Keep it Up.Inculcating t the right values in children will certainly go a long way in shaping their future… 🙂

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