Bhaiya, Jor se aayee hain

“Bhaiya, Jor se aayee hain” (Sir, Its really tough to control now) — This is one of tactics used by my kids when they really want to go to the loo or really can’t tolerate the class and want to go out, run around for few minutes and come back. In most cases, it is the latter, methinks :), because the toilets are far from my classroom and there is no way that some kids can be back in a few minutes !

Apart from this, they put up a ‘i-really-need-to-go-now’ look, twitch their stomach or the uniform and act like Joey in that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode 🙂

On a different note, most of the Teach For India fellows will agree sadly that the condition of Toilets in our schools need to be revolutionised to become ‘acceptable’. I was talking to another fellow today about this and remarked that in India, we suffer with either no toilets or really bad toilets from childhood till death. If we can improve the School toilets and make them good, this will leave a strong impression in the minds of children as they grow up.


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