Show by example

(Pic: The long pin up notice board with class goals, class slogan, class rules posters. Rules poster is surrounded by these small rules sheets that were colored by the kids at home. The last pic shows the kids eagerly looking at the pictures where their friends demo these rules)

We have a set of Class rules that the ‘Champions’ will follow all the time.  [All kids in our class are ‘Champions’ and they aspire to become ‘Superstars’ 🙂 ] I and the children have spent many hours during the last 10 days, learning and practicing these rules. To encourage them to follow the rules and also generate some excitement, I started taking pictures of kids who demonstrate the rules and putting them up on the pin up board. Kids just loved this today ! These two rule posters were put up today before our class started and when the kids started coming in, they immediately noticed them and the buzz and smiles seeing these posters were awesome to look at. I have told them that everyone will get a chance to be photographed and be there on the board if they follow classrules.

PS: Thanks Milind Bhaiya for the awesome idea of printing out Class rules template in Word Art and making the kids color it !


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