Sameer – the boy whose smile just makes you forget every other problem that life throws at you in this mega city. Though he was in my class during the initial days, he was transfered to another section. One day, when I arrived at School, his Mom came running to me. “Sir, are you Sameer’s Teacher? He attended School in the morning but he made me wait for 30 minutes so that he can talk to you. He has been pushing me to talk to the Principal to ask for a transfer back to your class. Can he go back to your class?” I replied that I’d be happy to have him back in my class but it is upto the Principal to decide.

But, what made my day was what his Mom had to say next, “Sir,yeh bolte rehta hain ki..hamare class mein ek naye sir aaye hain. Hero jaise dikhte hain, gaate, nachte hain aur English mein sikhaate hain. Mujhe maarte nahin aur pyar se sikhaate hain..mujhe unke class mein hi jaana hain (Sir, he keeps saying that there is a new Teacher in my class who looks like a hero and he sings, dances and teacher us in English. He does not beat us and I want to be in his class)”. I just could not say anything in reply and just looked at a shy Sameer, trying to hide behind his mother’s legs. Every day evening, he has been calling me from his Mom’s mobile to talk to me since he left my class.

Hope he makes it back to 2-B ! We’ll wait for you Sameer πŸ™‚



  1. srini091

    Thanks Archana, the kids are just so affectionate when they see that the teacher doesn’t beat them, scream at them and instead tries his best to teach them πŸ™‚ I appreciate your comment…maybe you can help me with some lessons or creative ways of teaching grade 2 subjects πŸ™‚

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