Jump into English Power !

Getting kids to the front of the class has been a challenge in my class. They are very shy and by the time they get up and come to the front of the class, we have already spent some time. So, how do I get children eager to come there and face the class to read something or talk about something, in English?

A spur-of-the-moment idea has turned out to be a big hit in my class. I drew a smiley with a chalk, called it the Magic Smiley. When I call the kid to the front of the class, he/she has to stand away from the smiley and jump into it and suddenly he/she gets “English Power” šŸ™‚ We built so much hype and drama around this (like how you get sudden power when you acquire that ‘magic potion’ in videogames) that the kids love to do it now.

But, the funny thing is, today, when I came back to class after the lunch break, some kids had drawn many Magic Smileys on the floor and were jumping into it šŸ™‚ So, Bhaiya had to tell them that only Bhaiya’s Magic Smiley will work because of a special chalk šŸ˜›

What I learnt is: Build hype and drama around every little thing you give them or ask them to do. Even if you are handing out test question papers, homework papers, give it first to kids who are following classrules. Making this a big deal will make kids want it badly that they will follow class rules.



  1. Willibrord George

    Hey.. I loved reading your post about the magic smiley and english power! You will definately get awesome results with this technique since it addresses core self belief issues. Children are great at using these techniques since they imaginative and accept suggestions from people they love and trust. Adults on the other hand a little tricky to work with since their critical faculties are quite high… Mayeb you should read up a little on NLP techniques and you might find that a lot of activities in the classroom can be devised using NLP strategies… I’d love to help you with this…!

    • srini091

      Hi George,

      Thank you for the comment and tip. I’d love to hear about the NLP techniques. Please do mail me srini.swaminathan2010 at teachforindia.org


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