We are colourful

Follow up to this article.

Today, the kids were so excited to color these cute children templates for beautifying their classroom. The kids are always excited about anything related to coloring. So, I use it to my advantage 🙂 You want to do coloring? Then, you better follow class rules and listen to Bhaiya. That’s why it is a good idea to do drawing and coloring in the afternoon when their energy levels go down.

Among the many other cute things, one that I found interesting was this: while handing out the sheets, I gave some girl templates to boys and almost immediately the boys would say “Bhaiya, this is a girl” and would expect me to give them a boy template whereas the girls would just take what I give them and start coloring 🙂 So, I tell the boys “Boy or girl, you can make it equally colorful!”



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