Inching closer

Challenges. Questions. Tiring commutes. Crushing crowds in trains and buses. Sweat. Headache. Fever. Noise. Pollution. Ankle deep sewage water. Hunger. Insomnia. Austerity. Constant struggle with myself and the outside world. Euphoria one day. Dejection the next. Pat in the back one day. Biting the dust the next. Still, I come to School to see your smiles. To see your eyes light up at my sight. To see you running down the stairs to call me when I have not reached School by 12 30. To see you start using words in English; words that slowly string together into sentences. To see the pride in your faces when you get the answers right. To see that confidence taking shape. I don’t need to look anywhere else for one. YOU are my Yellow Hat.



  1. Medha

    I stumbled upon your blog and its a brilliant way to document your journey!! just dropping a note to say, I like the tweet-like demeanour of your blogs and of course that its really inspiring, especially for a TFI-aspirant. 🙂

    • srini091

      Hi Medha

      Thank you for these kind words. Glad you liked the easy to digest posts 🙂 Do feel free to write in. It is very motivating to hear from readers. Wish you good luck with your application (hope you applied to TeachForIndia by the first deadline) 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing Blog and amazing posts. I think you are very creative and I love your teaching methods. I use some of these with my daughter who is 4 yrs old. I have always aspired to do something for the children in the area of education and iam hoping I can do this someday. in the meantime pls let me know if TFI has anything in Bangalore for part time volunteering

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