So many stories …

Dear Reader,

Be assured that I have not forgotten this blog. I have so many stories to tell, inspirations to share, positive changes to celebrate, struggles and failures to reflect upon, with you. I often scribble them down on my diary+to-do book that lie open on my Teacher’s table during the 4.5 hours I am inside the classroom that has become my world. I share a lot of pictures from my classroom on Facebook but here I want to talk about it. In the last few weeks, I have not been meeting many fellows due to trainings been made optional and differentiated. So, I get less opportunities to talk about classroom and the children. I will write here more often. I am still trying to get the WordPress app installed on my iPhone and once this is done, it will be easy to write up quick posts when I am in the train or waiting somewhere due to rain 🙂 Finally, a couple of pics from my classroom:



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