What do you most enjoy about the Fellowship experience?

This is what I wrote answering a question in a recent survey:

What do you most enjoy about the (Teach For India) Fellowship experience?

1. The intensity of the experience
2. What it teaches me about the most important challenge facing India – educational inequity. I am fighting this challenge every single day.
3. The children, their innocent, unconditional love and the progress (often inch by inch) that I see them make.
5. The wonderful people who I got to know through the fellowship and the continued association with them.
6. The transformation that I have undergone since May and the constant reflection and questioning of myself. What mattered so much earlier does not matter anymore to me and what never mattered is ALL that matters to me now and I often am astonished at myself for that.
7. That I am able to contribute to building the movement in ways beyond the classroom, while maintaining my work in the classroom as a foundational center point.
8. How the fellowship has enabled me to continuously seek excellence in everything I do.
9. Beginning to understand the immensely interesting, complex, creative and important role of teaching and how gradually ‘Teaching as Leadership’ starts making sense.
10. How I am able to better appreciate and celebrate what my mother did for me and brother. Every single struggle and failure reminds me of her own when she tried to give us the education that would break the cycle of poverty.



  1. Chandana Easwaramurthy

    A nice reply indeed. Its awesome to know that you have grown to appreciate a lot of details about teaching. I kind of now feel that TFI should be made like some volunteering work for all college kids as a weekend program, they could benefit a lot from it, and so can the kids. Moreover it can also give the younger generation a better perspective of India, where we stand and how each one of them can contribute to India’s development and where they can see visible development giving a better sense of satisfaction. Well, I might not be entirely correct about the above, but I am thinking of TFI as something similar to NSS or NCC in college.

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