I have a dream

It’s been one week since School re-opened after the Diwali vacation. During the last three days of the vacation, the entire batch of 2010 fellows of TeachForIndia, staff and some 2009 fellows went to Ahmedabad for a retreat where we thought about, reflected upon and talked about our movement, our mission, our work and what lies ahead. As part of the retreat, we spent some time at the very peaceful Sabarmati Ashram on the banks of River Sabarmati. At this Ashram, I felt very connected to Gandhiji’s life and I vowed there that when I return to School, I’ll regularly talk about Gandhiji and the other three champions – Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King – in the class. By now, the kids know these four champions by name but nothing much about their life or what they stood for. Now, they are ready. So, I told them about my trip to Gandhiji’s ashram and how he told us to be the change one wants to see in this world. Now, next to Gandhiji’s photo on the board, we have a little magnetic board that says “Be the Change”.

On day two, I had a discussion with the children on having a dream in life. At the end of this, I asked them to write down what their dream is, on a piece of paper. This is what little Sameer came up with…


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