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A proud moment

Today, I walked into School a bit earlier than usual and I noticed my class kid Kajal going towards the classroom with her Grandma. Seeing me, Kajal came running with a big grin, shouting ‘Bhaiya !’. Holding her little fingers, I climbed up the stairs to reach the classroom. Since the morning shift was going on, we decided to sit in the Staff room for a while going through her file which has a stack of homework sheets and test papers.

Later, when we went into the classroom, Kajal took out a paper (ripped off her English notebook) and handed it over to me with pride and shyness painted on her gleaming face. At first, I thought it is the usual letter my kids write to drop into the Class Letter Box but on reading it, I turned ecstatic. She had written about her Picnic experience without even me asking anyone to ! Exactly 4 months ago, Kajal could not even write her name properly or any words on her own. But now, she felt motivated enough to write so many sentences on her own and nothing more could bring joy to me than this. Here is what she wrote (the numbering and brackets are her writing as well !)

1) I can go to the Picnic

2) 4 boy and 7 girl

3) 10 stars and more go to the Picnic

4) Muskan is no go to the Picnic

5) 2:30 go to the Picnic

6) 8:30 come to the School

7) I can go got he Picnic very happy

8) I like my Bhaiya very must

9) Bhaiya is nose big

10) Bhaiya is very said


Speak out

Yesterday, when the kids and I went out for a visit to the shopping mall, we started at the Food court because we were all hungry ! So, I spotted a McD there and decided to speak to the Manager to find out if they have a special deal for school children from a low income background. He promised to give them all a free softy and a  free tour of the spanking clean kitchen cum cold storage.

The kids entered the kitchen, marveled at the way burgers were made, french fries bobbling in hot oil and finally entered the cold storage. There, the Manager asked them, “So, children, isn’t it all fantastic? When you grow up, will you all come and work in a McDonald’s?” Pat came the reply from Ganeshan – “No, Bhaiya, I become Doctor. No burger” !