About Me

I am a fellow of the 2010 batch of Teach For India movement. In this blog, I’d like to share stories from my experience as a Primary school teacher in a low income municipal school in Mumbai, India



  1. Bhawana

    Hi Srini,
    I am a marketing professional working in Mumbai – have been following your TFI Journey for quite some time now. Would be great if you could meet sometime – no agenda in particular: just want to hear more about your teaching experiences and teaching practices as child education is one area that really interests me.
    Hope to hear from you.


  2. Srini Swaminathan

    Hi Bhawana,
    Thank you for the kind words and sorry for the delayed reply. I’d be happy to meet and talk about my experiences. Please do mail me: srini at teachforindia.org / Send me a FB message.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Srini!
    I was looking at TFI fellows’ experiences and your blog chronicles that journey in a very amusing way. I was entertained, as well as inspired, by the pictures and sketches you have put up. It is amazing what Teach For India does.
    I am just an undergraduate student now, and I hope that I will join TFI and share and contribute to its cause.

    Wishing you best of luck.

  4. Swatee Jog

    Hello Srini. We heard you at Bangalore last week at the EDUPRO conference. We represent an Educational Institution at Belgaum. How do we contact you?

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