Chikni Chameli and Sahil

So, little Sahil was caught singing Chikni Chameli in class (item number songs always make it into the class much before other songs of any movie). In our class, singing and dancing is ok as long as it doesn’t disrupt the class or one’s own learning. But, today, Sahil was not paying any attention to the lesson but focused on singing. So, his home work was to listen to the song and write it down in English ! This is what he came up with !

Kaif’s wish

Yesterday’s homework was “My wishes”. Kids were asked to write a page about their wishes in life. This is what Kaif wrote. A very simple wish but I am sad that I wont be able to fulfill his wish. In May this year, I ll be finishing my Teach For India fellowship (can’t believe that I have been a Teacher for two years now) and move to Chennai to start Teach For India operations there.

Education is freedom

I took an empty bird cage to school today to talk about “Freedom” and “independence”. We had an engaging discussion on birds, cages, jails, lack of freedom, how cruel men can be (to imprison birds inside cages). Finally, they wrote their thoughts on this question “What will I lose if I am put inside the cage?” on post it notes and we discussed everyone’s answers.

Some more drawings that depict scenes from my teaching experience

The first year of teaching (in cartoons)

Sometime at the end of the first year of teaching, I was reflecting on the memorable events, people and situations in class, school and community. Though I have captured a lot of these moments through pictures and blogposts, I wanted to try something that I hadn’t done before. Cartoons !